This is the daily forecast for pollutants, such as ozone and particulates, in our area.
                             This is the site to sign into our system, for certain actions you can take with your chart.
                            The Centers for Disease Control site is extremely informative on many topics.
                             The CDC website has the latest international travel information for immunizations, etc.
Southern Avenue Family Practice, P . C.
Family Medical Care for Tempe, Arizona

2034 East Southern Avenue, Suite O
Tempe, Arizona 85282
Phone (480) 777-0077  Fax (480) 731-4741
Welcome to our practice!
Southern Avenue Family Practice is a full-service family practice, with patients of all ages, from newborn to nonagenarian.  Our practice is located on the north side of Southern Avenue, between McClintock and Price.
Steven C. Burns, M. D.

                            This is an excellent location for medical information for both patients and physicians.
                           This site is brought to you by the American Academy of Family Physicians.  
                            This government site is a great place to search for reliable information on medical conditions.
                            This site is sponsored by the famous medical clinic, and has a great deal of information.
                            An excellent source for information on the care and feeding of children.
                            This is the website for diabetics.  It has recipes, lifestyle information, and research.
                             If you are looking for cancer information, this governmental website is excellent.
                            The CDC website has information about vaccinations, such as flu shots, including risks and benefits.
                             Look up the latest information regarding our knowledge about heart risk and prevention of heart disease.
                             Find the pollen counts for your area on this website.
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